getting to know you

It's been two weeks since we brought Breakfast home and the million dollar question lies in how Tim is taking it. Well, we won't say that they're best of friends as of yet but it's going much better than I thought it would. For the first week Tim kept watch from the top of the stairs, where lately we have started to see just how deeply he worships his front window seat. I think he's learning how to tolerate change by focusing on what makes him happy. Good advice from a cat.

As for Breakfast, he is becoming more adventurous in making his acquaintance, where he scoffs and paces around Tim's imaginary bubble of space. While Tim sits silent like a stern old man that is more than willing to lay down the law if at all needed, it's entertaining to watch the character of their relationship take shape. In time I hope the two will become old friends. Maybe like the Karate Kid and Mr.Miyagi?

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