In between puppy talk, website maintenance and the occasional -much required- meditation, we've been mixing things up for Dear Libby this Spring, and I am getting very anxious to share when it's complete. Just to say that is a huge accomplishment in itself, for me. Reluctance? Over thought? Where did I put them, I wonder. Like a set of lost keys I have found new things in the process of searching.

While I really want to avoid becoming redundant on the subject of puppies, I do have to say that Breakfast has taught me such a great deal about myself in just a matter of weeks. From the days where I had no idea what I was doing, wondering if I was going to do the job right, I start to ignore the paranoia more and more each day and just go with the flow.

As I let go of worry and focus on the most natural form of expression that has always flourished in my life while I learn to play and explore my surroundings- with a snorty little friend in tow- I can't express enough how much joy I am filled with these days. To find that level of comfort in my work again, to look at things the way that I once did when my imagination was chalk full of fuel, I couldn't be more grateful for the things I am learning each and every day.

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