stylish breakfast

Someone has been looking quite fancy these days, thanks to The Mod Dog and their lovely handmade collars. I'm really impressed with the quality and care put into the product, and not to mention that Breakfast is pretty much the most handsome dog on the block. He likes to advertise it in our front window.

It probably took me a good hour or two to decide on which one(s) to go with, as there are so many fun patterns to choose from. But, after narrowing down the list of maybes and what to choose(s), we ended up going for the Dino Dog martingale (for walking) and In the Woods buckle collar (cannot find the link) - as a story bird like myself couldn't resist a 'Little Red' and smiling trees.

So while we walk the dinosaur and play in the woods, we'll keep practicing our blue steel and being Mod while Breakfast continues to grow like a weed. We may even just have to return for more pretty collars in the years to come. Oh shucks! That's just too bad isn't it? ..... I love it.

Thank you, Mod Dog!

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