It looks like we have a few little experiments going on over here, as we have been testing out our toys on a new, little, and more challenging audience. I must say that the audience is getting quite spoiled, these days. We are currently taste testing ice cream.

Because puppies are much more heavy handed -and mouthed- than the babies we typically make our toys for, we have had much to consider when it comes to the materials and design of our product, to ensure they stand up to the test of magnificent abuse, and are safe for different shapes and sizes, and styles of play.

From observation and plenty of running, tugging, throwing, snorting, flapping and chomping tests, we may just be on to something promising. And since Breakfast probably needs a break from so much hard work of being my lab *Pig* maybe your little chewer might want to be an assistant, for what's coming up next.

Stay tuned!

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