2010 wishes

It's been a while since I last took my camera for a walk, or have gone for a walk without my Pig in tow. So, for the sake of enjoying some peace and quiet to myself, with the weather promising that there probably wouldn't be a (sane) soul out there, off I went.

When I get out there, it's always the chilling silence that lures me in. Enchanting, delightful; the rhythmic sound of breathing and footsteps. The bitter breeze tends to whisper that there are blankets, waiting at home.

Though New Year's Day is just the same as any other day, I like to play with the thought that maybe things will be different; things to come, the following Spring, the following Summer, (peas!) things to anticipate, the unknown. Like approaching a mysterious fog.

And while the scenery will change, as the seasons will pass, I look forward to the days to come; a new year, a new number. I kind of like the number eleven, though it's not as cool as 12 (my birth date.) I think it's time to go inside, for blankets.. and for tea.

With frosty fingers, toes and nose, I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

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