root for spirit

It makes me kind of sad to admit that I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit this year. At least not yet, as it is still early. Usually by the first snowfall I start to feel all warm and giddy inside, but somehow it just hasn't tickled me much. Maybe I just need time? I'm not sure. I even tried making some of my grandma's ginger cookies, for the sake of sentiment and nostalgia that it brings to me over the holidays. Sadly it didn't do much at all, except maybe make the house smell delicious, like gingerbread.

I'm not even really sure what I'm expecting, as it may even just be the expectation itself that has me wondering when it's going to get here. Perhaps I'm just a little occupied with other things to bother to pay attention? After all, a lot has happened in the last month to bring the energy down a notch.. or two. Or maybe I need to sink in a little deeper, find my roots and what it is that brings me home for the holiday season. I have no idea what that is. Oh well, I'm not going to force it down, though I do hope it comes to me soon. Ho-hum.

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