building thoughts

One of my favorite things, in Jamaica, had to be the buildings. The big and the small, the colors and textures, and the people hanging out in front of them.

If I had to say that there was anything I left feeling disappointed with; it would be that I didn't get pictures of all of the places that stood out as we passed *on a very fast moving bus of tourists.

Some buildings had murals, decorations, words of wisdom, hand painted lettering on them; creating an incredible space for visual interest and curiosity.

Broken, withered, or tired on the outside, the inside of these places were commonly painted brightly with happy colors of pinks, aquas and blues.

In some ways it makes me think differently about the importance of inner positivity. Creating a welcoming space out of very little can be a challenge, but Jamaica did it very well. So inspiring in so many ways.

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Linda said...

I agree, Kendyl. I took a bunch of pics on our last bus ride but it was hard to get good ones when we were moving so fast. I just didn't want to leave without some remembrance of them.