While I couldn't justify jumping off of a cliff- when my bigger fear lies in the water below- I will say that going on the catamaran tour, in Jamaica, was an interesting experience. I faced my own fears by taking a dip in the ocean, without looking down during snorkel time, and actually enjoyed myself behind some intense, nervous, laughter. It wasn't until a woman decided to inform me that "there's a baby sting ray swimming right under you!" and not to worry because "it's only the size of a plate(!)" I decided to get out of the water to keep from soiling the ocean. Eee! The size of a plate!?

Thankfully, Ian is less of a chicken than I and decided to try out the cliff jumping part of the excursion, without any hesitation. I admired his ability to take the plunge without allowing time, fear, or doubt to talk him out of it. Sometimes that's all you have to do. Living in the moment is a pretty cool thing. Jump in and enjoy the ride.

Just make sure to plug your nose.

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