five days

I'm taking a 5 day weekend, aka stay-cation. I'm keeping this short because I have a list of promises to keep up with, while I have the time to slow down and enjoy every moment. I'm up past midnight, already on it!

1. Turn off distractions: It bothers me when people go on vacation and facebook status their trip from beginning to finish. I have 5 days off. It's going to be great, and who really cares but me?

2. Catchup: I plan to catch up with some writing, read, crochet a bunch, draw some things, run some errands, do some chores. To keep up with why I neglect my blog (in association with number 1.)
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3. Play it up: I love every day that the sun will allow us to lie in the grass, under our favorite tree, when we take breaks from our adventurous walks together. My dog pictures are redundant, but I have much to say about this face for making me laugh every single day. Note: Don't follow me if these things make you barf. I love my dog and it's not going to change. 

4. Create: A little bit different from being productive, but not far off. I started my first day of vacation, by taking a figure drawing class. 10$ a night, can't go wrong. I plan on picking up the paints this weekend, also.

5. Get sexy: Self maintenance is overdue. Starting with a haircut, and plenty of number 3; if weather permits. It will be just a lovely time.


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