So, you mean people pose . . .  naked, fully naked . . . and you draw them? Even men? *Sour expression.*  I get a lot of questions. I suppose the concept does sound odd in a way. For me, it's a form of exercise, for what I do, to keep me good at drawing things. I don't know how to explain it. But yes, they are completely naked.

Spencer told me about it, after I had been oohing at the figure drawings he was posting. He said it was a good idea, and I saw the progress he was making, so I listened and went. I don't listen often. 

Freelance can often fry my brains, because it requires a certain type of thinking that I can only describe as working out.. but with your brains. When you get used to a certain exercise, it no longer feels challenging, and may even grow boring. I needed a different type of exercise. I'd call this yoga for my brains.

Considering I haven't drawn a figure from life since art school, 6 years ago, I think I did alright. I was happy with what I left with, and may have even felt a little sleepy at the end of the night, after 3 hours of drawing. I have stacks of paper which I will carry with me into my next class(es) to see how I improve as I go. My only suggestion would be to supply wine...
If you're in Edmonton, give Harcourt House's drop-in figure class a shot. 

Thank you, Spencer!

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