I think my problem with writing lately is that there is so much to show-and-tell, all at once, I need to condense it.. I can't guarantee anything. Go. Pick a topic.

My basement (suite) is continuing to flood, which makes me feel it's time to stop procrastinating and find a better option. I've noticed things about it that are difficult to live with, including the moisture in the summer, which leads to an incredibly frigid winter. I would be lying if I said I wasn't already dreading the thought of it.

I guess the toughest thing is parting with this place, because it's all I've known since I arrived. It's my first place on my own, and it has all transformed so nicely in front of me. I'm somewhat proud of my home, and the things that I can say I worked hard to maintain. The moisture problem frustrates me because it's not something I can ignore or fix myself. My dehumidifier fills up multiple times in one day. That's super gross.

If I can find something close to this neighbourhood, I'd be thrilled, because we both love it here. On the flip, it wouldn't be bad to try a different part of the city, for the sake of something new again. I really hope we can find a proper fit, as much as I don't want to part with what we have. Fingers crossed for a warm and dry future... and maybe even something better.

Change is okay. Change is good.

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