I can't say that I'm feeling all that peachy these days, when it comes to my current living situation. There is a lot of frustration that I'm trying to keep in check, because I'm impatient.. and just sorta sick of starting over time and time again. I can't be hard on myself about it, but it happens.

What has me feeling most frustrated, is that no one is answering my questions, when it comes to this issue; which I don't think a tenant or landlord should ignore. I've been emailing him about the status of this place since summer of last year; when things started to get wet around the edges. It wasn't at all like how it is this year, so I agreed to stay for another summer. Let's just say that life has its lessons, and I'm learning whole lot. Trust your gut.

Today, I wasn't so kind with my words, and sent a textured picture of the things that are living on the surface (never mind the shit that we can't see) and said that this is absolutely unacceptable. I'm leaving at the start of September, which is reasonable notice considering when my complaints first started. Maybe I'm a bit more patient than I give myself credit for, though September couldn't come soon enough.

If I could find a place to live in, right this moment, I'd leave without hesitation. As tempting as it may sound, I can't just abandon life and its responsibilities, and say that's that. I wish I could, believe me. I'm making some calls, to speak to the right people, to help sort out this problem properly. No one in their right mind can tell me that this remotely acceptable or safe to live in.

Once I get some boxes and can get my things packed, to be shipped up and out of here, maybe I'll feel differently. It's hard when you can't do a single thing, or see that forward motion, for assurance that it's going to get better. We're sitting idly, and it stinks. Literally. I absolutely hate it.

While this all makes me incredibly sad, angry, and short fused, I know that things will get better, and that even in this situation, we need to make the best of it. We have a dry corner of the house where we can stay safe and tucked away from the wet stuff. I've got blankets, pillows, some movies, my bed(!), and a little dog who makes me smile no matter the situation.

It will get better.. I promise

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