get lost

I would be lying if I said that everything was super cool, at least not always. Though, I'd say I know I have so much to be happy for, there's just a lot of catching up I've been needing to do.. with myself.

Canmore, Alberta

Sometimes, a disconnect from the world is the only solution; and a trip to the mountains was most definitely the best thing I could have done to clear my mind. The moment we arrived, it was like the world disappeared, yet, it made the grandest entrance.

Moraine Lake. Banff, Alberta

To breathe the fresh air, to see how insignificant we are, in the presence of so much beauty; unreal. Seriously, I didn't want to blink, incase I missed something. The colors, the textures, the sounds, the smells, the incredible silences... I would have believed it if someone said I was dreaming.

Canmore, Alberta

Fall is the season of change, and so much has changed even in the last couple of months. I've gotten to know myself at such a very different level, I never anticipated it. I have much to be proud of, much to look forward to, and still so much to learn. I know that the only thing I can do to keep up with it, is to face it. Climb on!  I'm doing my best not to litter this post with terrible mountain climbing journey metaphors. 

Moraine Lake. Banff, Alberta

Facing my fears is a big thing. It's a transition. I know I have much to offer and a great deal to prove to myself. I am learning about self love, humility, and acceptance. It's okay to have moments of weakness and even moments of failure. How else are we supposed to learn? Perspective is an interesting thing. I'm totally human.

(Foggy) Lake Louise. Banff, Alberta

What this escape taught me, is that my problems/conflict are not nearly the size of mountains. What's that thing they say about molehills? I feel like all of those things that were fogging my mind, suddenly cleared up and made sense, or simply disappeared. I also realized that how we feel, is easily based off of our own choices.

I know for certain that I'll be thinking about this weekend for quite some time; for the sake of reminding myself that there is always an escape when it is needed. Sometimes, it's just nice to get away, explore, and get lost in your thoughts. I recommend it. Go.. get lost...

You might just find yourself again.

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