the leap

I decided to write it out, before I wrote it out. Word for word, this is what I put on paper. For some reason I wrote my lines in this fashion. Like a poem. (It's not a poem).

This is like standing on the edge of a high dive. 
It took a lot to get myself to even decide to write it down
I figured that writing it down
would make me take it more seriously

It has taken me a very long time to consider my dreams. 
I know I have them. I just never took them seriously. 

I thought it was unbelievable, impossible.. or silly. 

I decided to think about my dreams, and consider what I've heard from all around me. You can do it. 

It's not that I didn't believe or value these words. I didn't know how to listen to myself. You can do it. 

The worst that can happen? I don't try. Why not? WHY NOT? :) 

Here you go. No turning back . .  . 

I'm trying out for Disney, because fuck it. 

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