the finals

This weekend is my last weekend in Edmonton. It's unbelievable to reach this point, and realize that it's actually here. I have moments where it doesn't feel real at all, and others where it feels more real than I could have ever imagined. It's so amazing where the time goes. 

Now comes the goodbyes, the visits, the final moments spent with my favorite people and my favorite places. I've done a lot this month, and will be doing even more so in this coming week; to make sure I'm prepared for this incredible adventure. The work continues, just as life does. I've had some interesting moments of panic in between moments of being extremely cool with it all. It's just a lot to take in, for sure. I keep myself reminded, it'll be fine.

I've had moments of telling myself it's just not going to happen, simply because it's so unbelievable. With the added expenses (which come with any move), it has been a little tricky to keep up with, after having spent the last few months catching up and figuring out the ropes of home business. I had to kick things up even higher, over the last little while, to ensure that I can do it all responsibly; from taking my car in to get topped up and poked at, the dog to the vet for his shots, booking moving services, the packing supplies, while getting rid of things I don't need, to clear the way for a simple move. It's kind of amazing to see how it keeps falling into place, because I'm pushing to make it happen. One day at a time, we get that much closer to our destination.

Of course, I have my supporters to thank, for keeping me going. From the ones who give me work to do, to the ones who continue to tell me that anything is possible. I've never felt so wealthy with friendship before (if that's the way to word it). The people who make up my life today are gold, pure gold. It's just so weird for me to say that, and then leave it behind. It feels selfish, and yet everyone around me is encouraging me to take the chance while I can, to experience the world and see what I think of it. I feel secure, knowing Edmonton will always be here. The people here (I will always swear by it) are what make it so amazing. It took me nearly two months to tell myself it was okay to leave. Seriously, the people in this city. I can't even.

And now it's here. Time to say goodbye and get my last little doses of this city in while the moment is here. To consider how Edmonton has shaped me, I'm curious how things will go down, in Victoria. There will be entirely different challenges, new people, places, personal comforts to find, and incredible new experiences in store. It's an absolutely amazing time in my life right now to be here, and leave a city that was once so unfamiliar to me. It just feels like it's all ending, and beginning simultaneously. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think it's a mix of both.

So many thank yous, Edmonton. 

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