I never think to share this stuff because I see it sometimes as being unimportant, or totally nerdy because I can ramble about things when given the chance. I've been doing some designing/branding for myself, as I'm beginning to take my home business more seriously. Which at some time caught me off gaurd. It takes a lot for me to take myself seriously.

I remember, as a kid, my sister and I used to find great excitement in creating things for our family. Our greatest joy being found in place cards for the kitchen table. I don't know why but it was just something we enjoyed. The time and care that we put into each one, making it custom to each person. It's very remeniscent to the things that I do today. Must be why I started to brainstorm about making my own little custom tag . . . of sorts. I believe in college we called it corporate identity, I personally like tag of sorts.

This is where I drift into being nerdy, by discussing my sketches. What I wanted to go for was something really simple, organic and clean. I tend to gravitate to sans serif typefaces (fonts without the pointy bits on the ends) clean lines, soft shapes and always seem to linger on those that resemble that of a typewriter. I keep going back to the one above, possibly because it seems more delicate. Decisions are tough.

With the Y as a tree, I'm really quite happy. The story of course to those who know is that my grandma (Libby) once said, before she passed away, that she wanted to return as a tree. That certainly makes me happy. Brainstorming continues. . .

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