list of love

Lately I have a lot going on in my list of loves, at home. The theme at heart seems to be the elements of nature, as the smells and appearances are such a pleasant reminder of organic simplicity. Considering how particular I can be with many things, due to sensitive senses, I'm pleasantly surprised by our findings.

The first on my list is the loose tea that Ian got me for Valentine's Day, this year. I love a good tea and he certainly did well with his selection, without my opinion. That's very daring because I'll admit that I'm very picky. The Jasmine tea with blossoms (top left) is by far the best Jasmine tea I've ever had. It's aromatic, delicate and also lovely to look at. I guess in a sense I could say that Ian got me flowers for Valentine's Day, as it contains actual dried blossoms. Clever, and so pretty. Tastes delicious with a ginger cookie accompaniment. (Another piece on my list of loves.)

The other tea treat is Lung Ching Green tea, which is very earthy and masculine in comparison to my preferred Jasmine. I haven't been a big fan of green tea in a long time, so this one was a nice way to bring me back into the mix. It doesn't smell all that appealing if you're into floral smells like I am, but for that musty, leafy smell it's fantastic. Nature in a cup. It's absolutely divine. I have yet to find a pairing snack.

Drifting toward the sense of smell, another item on my list of loves is the soap Ian got me in Canmore. Yes, the boy knows how to spoil me. He knows how much I love natural goods so when we went into the Rocky Mountain Soap store, just to look, he insisted I leave with something in hand. We left with plenty; three bars, a scented candle and some bath salt.

The Baby Bear soap is seriously amazing and is also safe for babies. My skin is as sensitive as they come (thanks, Dad) equipped with occasional inflamed reactions to harsh perfumes that are commonly found in stores. It's taken me years to fully understand my skin and in many ways I'm still learning through trial and error, which can be nerve wracking at times. With Baby Bear, my skin has never felt so good. Seriously. I'm amazed! I can actually wear a t-shirt without feeling ashamed of unattractive, patchy skin. A first in my 29 years of failed attempts at happy skin.

The other brand I've tried is the Foot Scrub bar. Holy crap is all I have to say. This stuff is fantastic. Since I moved to Calgary, I've had a horrible problem with cracked heels because of our dry climate, which can prove to be painful if left untreated. Winter season can be horrendous and so thanks to the Foot Scrub, I can run my feet through the bedsheets without hearing that icky noise of scratchy skin getting caught in the threads. I just got goosebumps at the thought. I love this stuff so much I actually look for excuses to have a bath, every day.

My list of love continues . . .

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