bunny talk: miffy

In continuing my bunny talk, I have to say that I didn't remember this little bunny until I happened upon her by chance in the children's section at the book store. Of course I'm always searching the shelves for a new addition to my collection, and so when I happened upon Miffy, I couldn't help but put her on my list of must haves.

It was kind of neat for me to flip through the pages and recall Miffy because it takes me all the way back to when I was very little, when Mom and I would go on special trips together to the library. I was a big reader back then, and still am, and in many ways I find children's books to be the greatest fuel for both imagination and memory.

The graphic shapes, primary colors, that signature "x" nose are what I absolutely adore about Miffy, but most of all I love the memories she brings to me in recalling my time with Mom. We'd bundle up, walk - for what often felt like hours - to the library, and search the shelves for new discoveries to bring home. I guess in many ways, Miffy is like a little time machine for me. I definitely need to add her to my book shelf.

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