cheeky monkeys

There has been a lot of toy making going on over here. And it's been most fun to know that my newest creations are going home to soft, little, babies who belong to very close friends of mine.

It's a tremendously heartwarming experience for me -and my nostalgia- to watch my friends become parents and take the step into life which we only ever talked about during nights of fondue and girl dates.

And though I still have to wait before I can meet the next sweet, delicious, baby in line, I was delighted to get to meet little Simon (born in March) and give him some stripey, yellow, monkey love as a welcome to the world. I hear he loves to nibble on its ears and have arm wrestles, already. He has been appropriately dubbed "Cheeky." I love it.

This is one of the many reasons why I just love making toys!

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