pea is for patience

So, I may have played the greedy card in regards to my garden this year, as I decided to fill about 85-90% of the bed with (glorious, delicious) peas. Before you go ahead and think me wicked for splurging, I had the heart to leave a (small enough) spot for some green and yellow beans, and a row of carrots. It was very difficult to do as I held my packet of pea seeds in the other hand, tempting the idea of just one more (glorious, delicious) row.

While a part of this plan was to go toward my piggish indulgence - which so gratefully involves no guilt whatsoever- it was also my incentive to make this summer a bit lower maintenance in the backyard, so I can focus on the frontyard. For the last couple of years I've kind of neglected our front flower bed, as I had no idea where to begin on how to design it and make it more presentable. Oh yes, involve any form of design and the girl can think for hours. Cleanliness and balance need to be listed as sins. They haunt me in my sleep.

Though I had an idea of what sort of things fancy my eye and my nose- as I am a giant fan of Daisies but not the smell of the larger varieties- I wanted to try something new and unfamiliar for the sake of thinking outside myself, while still keeping it simple. I really can't resist a year without Daisies. *Is it just me or do they not smell like feet on the right day with the right breeze?

Thankfully with the help of some lovely lady gardeners -which include my two garden savvy mothers and aunt- I don't think this year's experience will be one to worry too much about. I'm allowing myself learn and look at the conflicts differently, and discuss them with other gardeners. Like how my yellow Dahlia is clinging for dear life after only a couple of weeks. Instead of get all down about it, I can say instead with great confidence that it's recovering from the shock of transplant. It makes me sound more like a surgeon than a green thumb wanna-be.

So, as the peas continue to grow and I attempt to keep myself from salivating over my garden in the backyard, I will be keeping an eye on (many) other things in the front yard while I enjoy the season for what I have to learn from it. And while I don't like to think of summer coming to an end just quite yet, I anticipate it (patiently) as I take the time to darken my greening thumb. Grandma would be proud.

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