pea is for parsimonious

It looks like my hopes for a bigger harvest this year may not have turned out as planned. With a mix between dry weather, some semi-unhappy soil, and a flash storm that ripped through -out of nowhere- I may end up with possibly the same amount if not less peas than what I had last year. I haven't given up hope yet, as the heavy sunshine that we've had has helped my happy vines grow much taller than what I have seen before.

With plenty of little, white, blossoms to show me that I will have at least a reasonable bowl full of sweet and deliciousy goodness at the end of the season, I find it almost laughable when the act of giddy greed gets turned upside down, as it is quite rare for me to spoil myself so rottenly. Oh well, all hope is not lost... There is always next year! *and some peas are better than none!

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