notes to self

Things that I have written on the Post-its, on my fridge. They're little reminders that I felt I needed this week.

I absolutely hate how much I fiddle with my phone on a daily basis. I take photos with my phone, I draw with my phone, I write notes with my phone, I read/write tweets with my phone, I check my messages with my phone, I look at photos of my dog on my phone, play fart sounds and videos of my dog on my phone. I'm not popular, so I play with my phone. I'm working on changing that. 

I have written this one down since I lived in Calgary. These words remind me to slow down and focus on now, and nothing else. I find it really quite helpful for my anticipatory anxiety. It's just a simple reminder that every day is different, so why not enjoy today for what it is?

This guy gets me outside every day that the sun is shining. Sometimes we go to the park to play, sometimes we run, sometimes we lie in *or eat* the grass, sometimes we lose our sense of direction to see how long it takes to find our way back home. Every day is an adventure, with Breakfast Jones. I fucking love my dog, in case you didn't know. Errday.  

I need flour in order to make banana bread. I have too many bananas in my freezer. 

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