vitamin joy

Where I live is a huge part of my happiness. I love my home, my neighbourhood, my -incredibly helpful- neighbours, and being able to say that I've made it this far on my own; with a little stink in tow. It's nice to be here, and most of all it's so incredibly nice to be able to go outside again.

Our winter felt so long, and made me believe that maybe I'm not so much of a winter person anymore. I believe this realization will take us elsewhere in the years to come. I think San Francisco is calling my name. I really do. *I'll come back to this topic for sure.

I blame the dog for this transition into the warm, and I'm so glad he has brought this sort of joy into my life without even trying. Every day that the sun is shining, we're outside, walking, playing, running and doing whatever we can to soak it in. We love sharing our time together, taking in the sights and sounds that the season has to offer. The colors, the smells, the signs of life all around us. I am absolutely in love, and it has barely begun.

This is the spring, though this weekend felt like enough to fool us that summer has already arrived. Winter needs to be washed away around the edges, we need rain to make the grass green so we can lie in it. There are so many great things to come, I could burst. Patience is a virtue, and daylight is delicious. It is so nice to get outside and live.

I just wanted to share that I'm happy.

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