good for you

A fat chickadee that I made with paint, pencil crayon, and ink. 

I've been doing a lot more in my sketchbook these days, and I'm really enjoying it. I started playing with my paints and pencil crayons, just to see what happens. It's been a long time.

Winifred Banks, from Mary Poppins 

I'm going to keep at this, because I like what I'm coming up with; when I'm not looking to come up with anything at all. When things are less about purpose, I find them much more enjoyable.

George Banks, from Mary Poppins 

I watched Saving Mr.Banks the other day, and couldn't help but love it. I've always been a Poppins fan, even if Mr.Banks looks a little too much like Adolf Hitler.

I asked for a noun on FB, and this happened. I was given the words: light, button fly, book, octopus, oligarchy, and labia. So the illustration turned out to be Madame Octopus, reading about oligarchy in the Daily Clam, wearing her light blue wig, with a button fly hair pin. Makes perfect sense to me.

I highly recommend playing in your sketchbook more often. Especially if it is to design monster toys.

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