part 2

After a passive-aggressive approach to voicing my frustrations, running around with a measuring tape, mathematizing the angles of our hypotenuse, and a few assertive phone calls; it looks like we have a Couch Day: Part 2 lined up for this upcoming weekend. I'm not getting too excited, because I'm not feeling totally confident, due to last week's outcome (and treatment.) I'm prepared for anything to go wrong, and I don't feel I need to stress about it until we see what happens. I just hope that we can actually get things up here, for us to sit on and enjoy as planned.

Shorty still tries his best to look out the window, when the neighbour's cat is outside. 

I was pleased to receive a personal apology from management, and a $150 in cred. not only because of how I was treated, but in case things don't work out in my favor. I certainly don't want to have to purchase a different couch, but I will be looking for a backup should I need to admit defeat. I appreciated the consideration to this issue. If it actually does work out, and I get the couch I want, I won't be getting new furniture any time soon. Not after this.

In other news, my place is being pulled apart, literally, and I'm actually quite happy about it (minus the mess involved.) I've always disliked my bathroom, because of the holes in the walls, from picking at the plumbing, so I'm glad to see it get a bit of a face lift. I'm also glad someone is actually fixing things here, without me having to complain to anyone about it. I think once this week is over, and things are in place, a nice hot bath may be in order.

Will keep you posted on Couch Day Part 2. 

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