an act of kindness

Thanks to my job, at Go Auto, I (and 2,000 other employees) was given a $500 cheque, and the chance to take part in a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. The money was to be used toward a good cause, so long as it was helping someone in need.

Instead of hand over my donation to a well known charity, and not get to physically see where the money would be going, I started to dig around for someone more under the radar. As well, I made a small list of things that I personally feel are important... like mental health, positivity, creativity, and the rewards of sharing.

From that list, I found the AABIS - Alberta Artists with Brain Injury Society; a group of people, helping others find themselves, through the therapy of art and creativity. Being a small organization, with an even smaller budget for supplies, I decided to get in touch with them, and arrange to make my donation. They had a hard time believing it was real. I could only imagine.

With the money I was given, I managed to snag 24 canvases, 8 canvas boards, 2 pastel sets, 3 tabletop easels, 2 acrylic paint sets, 2 water color sets, 36 pencil crayons, drawing paper, water color paper, 20 brushes, and a $90 gift card. Right down to the very last penny. High kicks, all around! I couldn't wait to meet them all.

To watch their faces light up, as they went through their new art supplies, and marvelled at how I had even considered them in the first place, was beyond amazing. I was given an endless supply of thank yous, a couple of mugs (and hugs), AND a chance to share my own sketchbook with them. This is a group of people who truly understand the importance of art and creativity, and the benefits that come with it. It was wonderful to get to meet them, and share with them what we already have in common. I will most definitely be keeping in touch with this creative bunch.

Thank you, AABIS, Go Auto, Colours Artist Supplies, Jesse (who drove me everywhere).. and hey, I'll even high five myself for finding something that really went a long way.

Best. Day. Ever.

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