couch day: the condensed version

Yesterday morning, Jesse and I went to Home Depot to get some supplies, to move the washing machine out of the way, for the second attempt at Couch Day. I won't lie that I was nervous about how it was going to go down. Couch? No couch?

We played with cameras while we waited for the delivery guys to arrive. I'll also add that I was waiting for maintenance to come and finish up with renovations in the bathroom, and other areas of the house. They make an appearance later on in this story.

The furniture delivery guys came as scheduled and (this time) gave things a decent try. They made it through Door #1, and left it up to us to decide how to get it through the next three doors. YES, three doors! This was going to take some time, for sure. I did my best to breathe it out. I'm not known for being patient.

 We didn't need to do much to Door #2, to make it to the next step. Success! Door #3, on the other hand, required at least 2 inches of extra space to even allow for us to squeeze the couch in. It was then when I looked for a possible option for storage. Door #3 was terribly discouraging.

While we were inspecting construction of Door #3, maintenance arrived. They finished up their renovations, and without hesitation, decided to help us out. They discussed what needed to be done, and as one ran out to get some extra supplies from the store, the other started tearing down the pieces. I may have felt a little nauseous about my damage deposit, at this point, but these guys work for my landlord and did the cleanest job they could. 

It actually worked out because Door #3 only led to another door (on either side) and hardly seemed useful. It has changed the shape of this place significantly, now that it's gone, and I'm happy things worked out the way that they did. It feels more open, and like a functioning doorway. Good bye, Door #3. Without you, we can fit a couch up here.

Door #4, the door I had measured, was no trouble at all; just so you know. For that, I don't feel so foolish. The trouble may have been far more than what I was willing to accept, but it turns out that there are some really kind people out there who just want to help. It's a heartwarming feeling when these things happen. I feel more at home than I have in a very long time. What a great comfort to receive, in more ways than one.

Happy Couch Day.

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