my one and only

As things in this house are about to take on some pretty interesting changes, I will be completely honest that it's both exciting and nerve wracking simultaneously. As the butterflies flutter at the thought of changing this balance that we've managed to maintain, a part of me anticipates the new shape in which our days will become.

With a new addition coming into our home, at the end of this week, I sit back and observe the display of my fuzzy gray boy basking in the last fragments of sunshine on the livingroom floor. How far he has come since the day I picked him up from the Winnipeg Humane Society, 8 years ago(!?) Fearful of so many things I can't even keep track of. From the distance that we've both traveled together, learning along the way how little there is to fear about the unexpected, a part of me has just a sliver of sadness that it's not just going to be 'all about Tim' anymore.

To see him explore and tempt his curiosities, is a certain side of him which I'm still learning to understand. And just on that note, with a flick of his tail, he's off like a shot, cooing and rushing from one room to another, finishing his performace with a meow at the ghost who he so mysteriously entertains. What a character he has become. And so random at that. I quite enjoy the unexpected in each performance he displays.

Because it has been such a tedious road to getting to this state of semi-understanding- as he still continues to surprise me with his new found games and habits- I wanted to introduce the new addition to our family by starting from scratch. From experience with a shelter pet, it's hard to know what you're getting into without knowing their background. And because I so deeply respect Tim's inner sensitivity, I felt it was best to protect that by doing my research.

So, after many weeks of reading and taking notes and asking various questions I never though I would ask, to taking that final leap into the unknown, I can't help but take in these last little bits of the singular bond which Tim and I have shared. Though he isn't going anywhere, it feels different, and I can only hope from here that we continue to grow and share in this new experience together . . . and maybe find another blanket mate on those rainy afternoons. We will just have to see.

No matter the circumstance, he is and always will be my one and only, Tim.

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