stage 1: bunny land

There seems to have been a miscount whilst lost in a cloud of bunnies. Instead of working to reach the goal of 20, by the end of the week, it looks like I've somehow come up with 23 bunnies! Well, you know what they say about bunnies. Turn your back for one minute, and poof! Somehow I don't remember it being just that simple.

After many late nights, early mornings, scheduled sessions of stuffing faces, pressing eyes, stitching limbs, sorting through belly buttons, I had a moment of wondering if I was somehow -just a little bit- crazy. The visual was certainly questionable; some woman sitting on the floor of her living room, on her grandmother's blanket, in her afternoon pajamas, surrounded by jars of buttons and eyes and fluff and yarn, with a basket next to her filled to the brim with a countless number of stuffed bunnies. And how many times did I watch Back the Future in the process, I wonder. I might have lost count in that area, too.

While I found my hands working without paying much attention toward the end as my eyes tried their best to stay open and in focus, I started to see why it may be a good idea to take a much needed break from toys for a while. The repetition, the impulse, it's unfortunately uninspiring when you're in it. Certainly the end result has its impact and I love getting to make things for others, but right now I'm in need of much bigger challenge. Which leads us fortunately to stage 2 of this "I want a puppy" project.

For today, let's celebrate! Stage 1 is complete.

If you're cheeky and decided to count the bunnies in a circle, above, yes there are only 19 being shown. 4 were sent away for being highly disruptive.

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