stage 2: creative banter

The one thing I miss about being in art college is getting to toss around creative ideas with my classmates. Expressing your visions with others can encourage things to take an interesting shape in the end, sometimes into something we would not have considered on our own. Brainstorming and sharing is a wonderful place to play, it's what we see which makes us all unique. To bring this luxury of creative storming back into my life, and to show just how much fun it can be, I ask for your brains. Share with me your vision!

For those who are interested in being in part of the puppy draw, but can't make a purchase at this time, you still have a chance to become a participant. All I ask is for ideas, delicious, ridiculous and juicy ideas. By the end of the week, which ever idea is considered for the final project, that person will be dubbed winner (gold star included) and placed in the puppy draw among those who have already made- or are planning on making- a donation to the fund. Hey, we may even decide to name the finished piece after you as thanks for helping with the process. Is that fun or what?

So, on that note, what kind of dog does the lady have?


Tanya said...

Hi Kendyl!
I envision her walking a cute little black scottish terrier!

T said...

I have no idea what this 'puppy draw' is all about, but the lady is most certainly walking a white scottish terrier with a tartan jacket....and I LAUGHED when I saw that Tanya had a very similar idea!!