breakfast in bed

While the dog park (yesterday) may not have been the best plan for our boy -who does not slow down no matter what- we are kinda bummed to say that he will be on the mend for a good 10 days of rest, thanks to an inflamed tendon and a wobbly knee cap in his left leg; which he has been sporadically hobbling on for the last few days, after taking a spill up the front steps to the house. *They're a big leap for a little guy who doesn't always pay attention to his footwork when excitement strikes.

It's going to be a bit of an interesting experience for both of us to slow down, as I find that I too get kind of bothered when we can't go outside to walk off our pent up energy, but hey.. we all need a little time to wind down to wind back up again.

With some sympathy belly rubs and a new blanket to curl up on the couch with -as the days get cooler- I doubt he'll have too tough of a time getting back to his usual level of being Breakfast.

Get well soon, Pig.

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