surprises to come

For the first time for the holidays, I have decided to try out the craft sale scene. Eek! Plug your nose, shut your eyes and cannonball it out! It's going to get crazy. Preparing for such a great event is quite exhilarating, as I have stocked up on coffee, movies, music and exfoliating soaps for my -already- calloused hands. I love the beauty behind challenge!

The biggest bummer within this good news is that we're going to have to cut a few threads from our routine -this year- and limit availability in order to keep up with the capacity of the event. The hardest part is going to have to say no to extra orders and remain true to what I'm physically capable of. Unless, of course, I figure out how to construct a robot.

To lift the spirits of those who cannot make it to the craft sale -and are hoping to indulge in some Libby goodness for the holidays- we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure that no one feels left out. * Hint: like special and 'exclusive' gifts that will only be present via our social network; paintings, ceramics, illustrations, cards, photos AND the launch of our newest product in the Libby stream of things!

Until then, let's continue hoarding toy parts in baskets, upon notes and post-its of things to do, charities to explore before the season of giving really sets in. Again, can I just say... eeek! Fun is on its way, though technically it has already begun.

Stay Tuned!

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