fluffy february: day 1 : a toast

For no good reason I had a bit of a rotten day. Not that there was anything about it in particular that made it 'bad', it just started on a funny note. First, I fell asleep on the couch -after getting ready for work- dreamed I was on my way to work, woke up to wonder why I wasn't at work, wondered how I was going to get to work after pacing in one place for a solid five minutes because I didn't want to make the trek all over again as I had just done so in my dream; realized I had to get it done no matter how long I paced, left for work, got distracted and somehow went to Starbucks (I don't even care about Starbucks) purchased the exact brand of tea I have stashed away at my desk at work... and.. yeah.. it carried on from there. I'm okay, really.

Because I want to do something fun, and it is the first day of February -and February is both the shortest and the fluffiest month of them all- I thought I'd do up a "love each day" for the month, by finding something I love ... you get it, right?... write about it, draw it or share it in any way I want. Too mushy? I think it sounds fun. I can't wait to write a sonnet about sandwiches!

Anyway, it's day 1 of Fluffy February. We'll start it off with something non-fluffy, but oh so wonderful for its delicious simplicity...

Glorious, crunchy,
any time of day, I can eat you
and * your * crumbs **
I love you.

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