fluffy february: days 9-12: love dump

So that we're clear, I am following my exercise to find things that I love in every day, I'm just not writing about them individually. To make up for the delay, here's a bit of a love dump of what I paid notice to as I went.

Day 9: The character of my apartment: Getting to know my new place has been a really fun experience, and I will write more about this along the way. While the last little while has been on the cold side; there is plenty of tea, dancing, and parading around in blanket capes going on over here. I've never been so creative with keeping warm.

I also have a talkative kitchen sink, which likes to make noise on occasion (during laundry nights.) I'm not sure what it's trying to say, but it makes for interesting dinner music.*Glug-glug*

Day 10: Paper stage: I was given this beautiful paper stage, from Colette (who I love), when I was visiting Winnipeg. It is probably the coolest thing -made of paper- that I've played with, in a long time. I might want to make my own paper-something one day, if I'm ever feeling so ambitious. Let's not count on it, though it's on my list of crafting curiosities. I love papery things.

Day 11: Direction: My mom got me a calendar of vintage maps, which I love for what it represents to me and my present world. There are too many metaphors to throw down with this one. I love maps. Let's keep it simple.

Day 12: Sunday Morning Breakfast: No matter what, Sundays always start off on a good note, because I make them that way. I'll read my paper, drink some coffee, make a yummy/hearty breakfast, and enjoy every little bit of the morning while it lasts. Lovely. Now I'm ahead of the game.

Love your days.

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