creative counselling

Recently, someone asked me a very interesting question: if I would help them with their (lacking) creativity. While the question was also more driven toward learning how to draw, I decided to explore this a little deeper and refer to it as a bit of a creative counselling of sorts. I don't believe there is a special method on "how to" draw, but there are definitely ways of figuring out what works and what doesn't.

I don't feel I have any tricks or magic drawing secrets, though it is something I can try to offer help with. What I'm more interested in is helping people figure out their creative strengths and how to push them further, and use them in their daily lives (or however often they want to use them.) I use mine every waking moment, so why not offer some of that energy to see where it can inspire and encourage others; to get in touch with that magical side of our brains we knew so well as children.

I'm testing out this process to see if anyone is interested, if it is actually helpful, and if it's something I can actually add to my long list of services. I feel that we are all creative in our own ways, we just need some guidance and tips on how to use it. It's like, I'm your personal trainer, helping you pump up your creative muscles to show off to all of your friends. Yes? No?

For anyone who may be interested in trying out a session, whether it be to help with your sketchbook, how to draw and embrace your personal style, get back in touch with your creative side... I'm here for you. Let's give it a shot.

email breakfastjones@gmail.com for more details

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