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Just writing a quick post on what 'creative counselling' actually is. I'm still figuring it out myself, but basically.. people are asking me for help. Help with what? Well...

From improving your drawing skills, getting back in touch with your creative side, sketching more, painting techniques, digital tips, figuring out how to tackle a major project, or problem solving what is standing in your way... That's what I'm here for. I've been making stuff for years, all my life actually, so I'm just trying to share what I know, to see if it actually helps.

I create -almost- ALL the time, so I suppose you could say I have some tips to share on how to bring creativity into your daily life without making it feel like how most people feel about flossing. It's something we know will do us some good, but we put it off until someone says your gums are bleeding. Weird comparison? Maybe, but you get what I mean... right? It has its benefits (flossing, and being creative). Do both more frequently, you'll smile harder, guaranteed.

So far, I've had a number of people, leaving on a very happy note; feeling motivated and inspired. This just fills my soul with so much joy, to get to encourage others in a positive direction. Creativity is a form of expression that I feel we all could spend more quality time with. It's how we got to know ourselves as kids, so why do we have to outgrow it and over rationalize everything like a boring grownup who needs rules and restrictions? If you're not sure how to get back into it, have some technique questions or anxieties, I'm here to help you put down the road blocks and bring yourself back to being a creative genius. It truly heals.

Let's make stuff!

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