yo mama so fat

I never know what to get for my mom for Mother's Day, though those poetic Hallmark cards know how to make her cry straight out the gate. I could get her anything, but things are just things, and while I can't see her face today I know she'll be thrilled to hear from me when I pick up the phone. It brings us closer to home, no matter the distance. That's how moms roll.

From experience with this day, I know that she has always appreciated my writing. She still has a poem I wrote about her, years ago, framed, and on display in her hutch. Is it a hutch? It's a thing that holds stuff. It's there, is all I'm getting at. And it's there because I touched her heart and made her proud to be my mom. She's a sensitive one, and I'm glad to say that I inherited that from her.

My mom has always been a huge supporter of the weird creative things that I do, and though she'll be the first to tell me that she doesn't get it, she has never once stood in my way of being who I am.... so long as I don't get into any trouble. She may not want to admit it, but I know that I got my flighty ways from her. She's often distracted, thinking ahead, planning, never able to sit still, reciting her thoughts, and always on the lookout to do things for others; because that's what she does best. Her heart is a gift that may cause me to be outrageously sensitive at times, but I'm glad I know how to care so deeply for things, as she does for others, especially me and my sister.

I am her baby. I always will be, no matter how much I want to stomp my feet and say that I'm a 35 year old grownup. It's been a long time since I've been in diapers, but she'll always see me that way. Pants pooper, nose runner, crying in my bedroom about growing up(er). She has always nurtured and cared for me, no matter what. It is a gift to me, to have her as my mom. A gentle soul, a nurturing care giver, eskimo kisser, and the toughest rib poker I know. She doesn't turn off the caring, unless of course my sister and I are making fun of her pronunciation of America. Inside mom joke.

While she may say that she wished she could have given us more, I feel the greatest gift she ever gave me is the ability to make others laugh. We grew up making goofs of ourselves, for our own entertainment, and it had a tremendous healing power on what we were going through at the time. It's true that the gifts our mothers give us are not something you find in the store. I will always laugh to feel better, and when I do, I will think of my mom.

She is her own worst critic, and no matter how much I slather on the mom love, she's always going to want to do better. Another quality I have inherited from her.. sigh. While it isn't a bad thing to want to do more, and to aim to achieve even bigger things, I think my mom could use some time to think about just how good of a job she did, to raise two determined, independent, confident, talented, and (I must say) smokin' hot girls. You gave us all you had, and you continue to teach us the beauty in the simpler things. Strut your stuff, because it's your day to shine.

Keep smiling, because you're one of the best moms I know.
Love you! xoxo

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