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Last night I made the best lasagna, ever.

I have been experimenting with new dishes lately, as I mentioned in my last post, and so far we've added two new yummy items to our cookbook. Impressive for two totally opposite eaters. This recipe can easily be altered into a vegetarian option, though I found the meat version to be just fine.. since I couldn't taste it.

The lasagna was baked in a bechamel sauce which contained cream and spices, including a pinch of nutmeg. Yes, nutmeg. For the inside, the noodles are stuffed and rolled with a layer of ricotta, parmesan, spinach and pruscuitto. And to top it all off, a nice sprinkling of mozzarella, some marinara sauce and more parmesan for that crunchy surface that is so delcious. They baked beautifully and didn't stick together or fall apart in a soupy mess like most of my lasagnas do. I got a great sense of achievement from it.

Though I wouldn't choose this recipe for just any regular night, as it was very time consuming and created a masterful mess in the kitchen at one point, I would definitely recommend it as something to make for a special evening for two. Seriously, yummy.

"It tastes like restaurant quality." ~ Ian

Lasagna Roll recipe from Everyday Italian

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