rabbits! rabbits! rabbits!

Rabbits! It's a new year.

When I was little, my Papa (Grandpa) used to make a habit on the first day of every month to say "Rabbits" three times, as his ode to good luck. To keep to tradition, I decided to give it a shot this morning. I may not have said it at the stroke of midnight, last night, but it's always the thought that counts is it not?

We're finally settling into that quiet lull that says that the holidays have officially passed. It's amazing how even despite the many nights of relaxation we've enjoyed, we're both pretty zonked. With stuffy heads and achy bodies from a lingering cold we've been tossing around, it might just be okay to hibernate a few days more to be set for the start of this new year ahead of us.

I hope to all of you (and myself) that 2009 is filled with much luck, joy and much deserved laziness.
Happy New Year.

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