I have to apologize for slacking off in the blogging department but sometimes a bit of silence is a good thing. I've been busy with multiple projects, which I've finally given up on fearing. I'm really bored of my lack of self belief and so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of hiding and am challenging myself in ways I hadn't thought to try before. Certainly not every day is easy but it can become more so as I go.

There are just some things in my life that I really want to change and last year I took the step by challenging myself more physically, to seek the rewards of determination. It taught me a lot about myself and I wish to continue to do so this year, focusing as well on my emotional health. Emotionally, I feel I need a tune up. And so, instead of fearing the changes that lie ahead of me, I'm learning how to face them. Most importantly, on my own terms. It's frightening, but I'm ready for a change.

Ah the joys of self discovery.

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