treats for the mind

This was my view about a week or so ago when I got a chance to have the place to myself and finally sit down and unwind, with some post-Christmas snacks. Ah yes, the guilt that surely follows the season is almost quite entertaining since we all know it's coming eventually. Either way, I'm taking the time to write because, incredibly, my mind is constantly racing with thought that I need to remind myself that evenings such as these, solo dates, are totally allowed and need to be put into better focus. I never allow myself to truly enjoy them (with or without the tasty indulgences.) What I really need to treat, is my mind. Shut it down and let it rest.

I got a book for Christmas called Mental Traps:The Overthinker's Guide to a Happier Life and since starting it (and trying my best to read more than four lines without allowing my mind to wander) I've been taught a valuable lesson in why it is that I continue to struggle constantly with myself. There are so many expectations I place on my shoulders that I hardly allow myself to move forward freely; I hesitate, I wonder, I wander, I question, I pace, I clean the bathroom for the sake of something to do. Sitting still is honestly the biggest challenge I face, yet with a racing mind it's what I need in order to gain the focus it is that I'm forever seeking in my life.

So, tonight for the sake of trying I'm going to attempt to give myself another one of these quiet moments and do my absolute best to allow myself to enjoy it. It's amazing when you have a mind that won't rest, and in many cases it puts up a road block that can only make it worse. There are so many goals I have for this year I don't want to fall back on regret before I even give it a shot. To all of you overthinkers out there, take a break, it's allowed. Kick back and shut down for a moment. I will try my best to do so, as well.

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