day eight...continued: reflection

So what was Day 6 and Day 7 about? Well to start, Day 6 was another great opportunity for sharing what I enjoy most; making stuff. I will say that some of my attempts at things didn't fall through (new recipes, new patterns) but instead of getting down about it like I normally would, I looked at it as a new lesson on learning and personal growth. Like how the butternut squash bisque turned out! mmm.

I enjoy practicing positivity in the mix because it creates longer lasting memories to keep with me for years to come, as I'm sure not every holiday season will go effortlessly no matter how hard one may try. Sometimes it is that added stress that makes the holidays what they are and can somehow be enjoyed under the deep breaths of frustration. There were no place cards or table setting that I had anticipated for, but the company to follow and how the evening was enjoyed, those minor details were easily forgotten.

In practicing my own traditions and being accepted for the things I wish to share with others, it is a great gift to receive in seeking personal growth and a sense of accomplishment in being myself. Sometimes we seek so hard to please others that we can lose sight of the simplicity around us, which can so easily be found in the company of those we care most about.

To sit around the table and talk, to see that I've made my own mark in Ian's family (with broccoli being added to the table), to share and laugh casually (and competitively on my part, playing Pictionary *eep!) it's a certain joy I haven't experienced in years; the ability to be accepted and accepting all in the same go.

As year 2 approaches, for time spent in our home, I can say that the word home is becoming more definite and clear in my life. Where my feet rest, where my heart is, who is welcome to be a part of it. That's what the holidays brought to me this year. A better view, a better perspective, a better understanding for the present and what we choose to make of it. It was a much more fulfilling year to just let things go with the flow, and surprise myself with how comforting that familiarity has become.

* Even if making Christmas stockings on the first go meant a lot of four lettered words and throwing of scissors..
I wouldn't want to change this year's experience one bit. Now back to taking advantage of my remaining days at home for the holidays.

What made your holidays special this year?

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