taming the martha

6 more work days- straight- and I am officially on Christmas break. Hooray! I'm loving the wicked cold that we have been having lately, as it makes me more and more happy to be in that place I call home and look forward to another holiday spent with Ian (and Tim.) I have a lot of holiday bits and pieces to tamper with, so I will make sure to be more active with my writing, as this time of year- as anyone who knows me- is one of my most favorite for the sake of celebrating family, memory, home and comfort... oh, and how can I forget CRAFT! Ornaments, stockings, blankets, felt, baking and more. I've been waiting so anxiously to get my hands on them all.

Just wait until I pull out the Martha and start planning the seating arrangements for this year's Christmas Eve dinner in our home. It's probably enough to make our neighbors nauseous. It's what I do. Patience. 6 more days and the fun begins.

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