day four: baking

When making my favorite Christmas cookies, I always have to have a tea handy and my two favorite ingredients to put aside and smell when I get the chance. Any recipe that calls for both vanilla and almond extract is a keeper. I could spend all day smelling them both.

With my trusty mixer I set to work and blankly stare as I feel like I should be doing something while the machine does all the work. I guess that's what the tea is for?

I was a little miffed that the first (and later second) attempt didn't turn out so hot, and so I looked for the positive in the situation. Like my new ceramic tea spoon set. I love the little tsp (to be read as "tisp.")

Though my baking is kind of set back an extra day in planning, I just might have to get back to painting ornaments to zone out the frustration. What would the holidays be without it, right?

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