four legged insight

With puppy talk making up the most of my days, it has been a great pleasure and coincidence that a good majority of my side work has been involved with the animal - aka anipal- social network. From helping with the branding for a dear friend and a pet clothing line, Black Baron, to creating a character for the lovely social media pup Sadie Shih Tzu, I must say that I am very touched by the joy and inspiration which our pets provide us.

I never realized what sort of impact our pets can have on our every day lives until I watched Black Baron grow from a simple thought to an existing brand, all in a matter of weeks. Inspired at the start by a little black dog named Millo, some vintage (human) clothes transformed into tiny shirts for pets, and two creative women who love their pets, this sort of inspiration is so incredible that it's hard to put the pencil down.

It has been an amazing experience, to look around at the energy, imagery and entertainment which our pets provide us, and the shapes and forms those ideas become. I haven't experienced such a creative high in years, nor have I believed so firmly that so much is possible. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of trust, persistence, pencil . . . and fluff on four legs. Incredible how so much creativity can exist quite literally right under our noses. High fives and belly rubs all around.

Photographs by Rebecca Sandulak

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Cate said...

Just agree so much with all of that. Great pictures too! Thanks for the smile, Cate