scrap bunnies

So, what exactly are "scrap bunnies"?

Well, as most of you may already know by now, I'm a huge fan of bunnies, and any time I have chance to make them . . . well that's what I do. So, as I started to notice a certain drawer becoming full of mini balls of yarn, which were too small for big projects but too big to waste, the "scrap bunny" notion was born. Oh how that drawer is clearing out! And my my, there are so many bunnies!

Though not all bunnies will be totally scrappy, since I know how much we love to coordinate our sweaters with our ears as much as possible, I have managed to make most of them fully without improvising colors -yet. For those of you who do like a little bit of improvisational craft, as the drawer stash grows smaller and the options become limited, you'll be able to have a grab at the most unique of bunnies on the bunny planet. The first 10 bunnies sold will go with a Dear Libby discount. For more details drop me a line to reserve your bunny.

Scrap bunny launch coming VERY soon. Now where to find 40 hands to build all 20.

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