Day 10: panic

Short and sweet, I'm starting to panic. I'm starting to ask myself how this is ever going to work in time. 18 days to find a job, and I have no idea where to look. I'm totally whining, and sorta crossing my arms about it because I feel I've almost overworked things. My brains are tapped out yet my mind wants to keep go-go-go-going. It's tough when you can't get things onto paper properly, because you feel that time is ticking away so quickly. 18 days?

Looking at the challenge, I can see this is why I resorted to design. It's an easy way out, in my mind, because with drawing, you have to find where your style can fit. Fortunately, I have a lot of styles and can adapt to pretty much anything; if I practice it enough and can learn from those around me. I just have no idea who will actually let me get my foot in the door and show what I can do. I'm tapping out, but I'm also going to bed with the thought that I can only try and see where it takes me. Whining is not a pretty thing, but here we are. I'm crashing...

Deep breath.

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