day 19: grrr

With one week left of being a Graphic Designer, I feel I'm in need of a bit of a motivational post; as a little reminder to myself to keep going. I feel that I'm only about to prove myself wrong in a lot of things, coming up. I'm pumped up, yet I'm feeling so reluctant and terrified of this situation. What do I do? Freelance? Oh yes, we're hopping back on. I know it's going to be tough, but if I can survive off of myself; with the client base I've built up through the years, and the support that keeps rolling in from the people around me (at least until I find that position that fits me right) then we're laughing. I'm not enjoying this idea, sans the stability of a consistent pay check, but I can only keep pushing myself, by showing 'em who is boss. ME! No one can stand in my way!

If you're scared of anything that intimidates you, growl back.

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