Day 11: being me

I decided to switch things up for the day, just because I can.

11 Random Things About ME

Sunday is my favorite day, but not because of Jesus. 

I love hands. I feel that they tell stories. 

I have a weakness for buying notebooks/sketchbooks. I have so many on the go at once. 

My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

I haven't used a television in 3 years.

I got my driver's license -shortly- before I turned 30.

I harbour way too much information about: sharks, human anatomy, Star Wars, cartoons, and 1980s wrestling. 

My favorite movie is Back to the Future, Part 1 (only).

I have never been to a concert. Most of my favorite singers/bands are either dead or retired. 

You should never talk to me about chiropractors.

I have never tried peanut butter and jam, together. I'm not interested. 

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