day 25: eagle powers

To say I'm a huge fan of character may be a bit of an understatement. I've been drawing characters since as far back as I can remember, because I find them to be unique in their own way. Character is what makes up my life. I would even say that I see the people in my every day life as characters, because how we are shaped, how we behave, how we move, respond, walk, talk, react (etc) is totally different from the next. Snowflakes, but maybe with funny shoes or big hair. Whatever makes someone visually interesting, I see it, I take it with me and I put it on paper. I'm glad to see the world this way, and I know that my passion for character can be used somewhere in this universe. I'm jumping into freelance as soon as this week is over. I'm terrified, yes, but determined to show myself that there is a place for my passions to be heard. Somewhere.

I painted a picture of Nacho Libre, to hang on my wall, because I find his character to be very inspirational. Nacho Libre is a character who believed in what he loved, and did everything he could to achieve his goals; even if he looked a little stupid along the way. To me, he is a symbol of self belief, determination, confidence, and strength. These are things I feel I struggle with constantly because I don't know how to firmly believe in what I do, without feeling a little bit silly about it. This character has helped remind me that with success comes a number of failures, and it's up to you to keep fighting if it's what you believe in. No matter how many times you are defeated, or slapped in the face, or are caught wearing stretchy pants in your room just for fun; stand tall, puff up your chest, and fight. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

*Ding ding dig* Time to get in the ring!

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